Annual - Firma Decorations


Season’s carousel chases romantic St.Valentin hearts and the colorful spring flowers, that become a lively wallpaper for giant Easter eggs. Then we get the Summer, with big shells and life belts.. the sunbeams illuminate big ice-cream and the colored candy, that lead us to warm autumn with mushrooms, chestnuts, leaves and big pumpkins, that fly us to fantastic world of Halloween. Produced in different dimensions, colours and are very easy to assemble. They are supplied in two parts to join together with a staple, in order to optimize volume and freight cost. All the items can be customized by inserting logos or drawings on demand and quantity.


The cheerful windmills, giant flip-flop with coloured little bows, fluttering butterflies and funny Carnival figures, enrich the locations in every season of the year. Two-dimensional sheets are very easy to assemble, setting-up little flaps or rivets getting a strong visual impact. Some items in the catalog are made of cardboard on request and expense.

Banners and Panels

Our banner “die-cut” are double-face and are complementary to our thermomoulded articles for creating location of strong visual impact. They can be produced in ecological paperboard, PVC or felt. Volumes of transport and stock are reduced.



  • All decorations
  • Thermomoulded
  • 3D items
  • Banners and Panels